We value our patients' experience at Back In Action Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "Herniated & Bulging Disks About 2 years ago my back was hurt and the doctor was recommending back fusion. With two young children I did not want to miss out on so much during recovery. Dr. Jason helped me with multiple adjustments weekly as well as guidance on posture, exercises and stretching. As a result I never needed back surgery. B.C. Baraboo"
  • "Head Injury & Concussion I was never a big fan of chiropractors to be honest until my son suffered head trauma. Our pediatrician recommended a chiropractic visit. I can't even begin to express how much it helped him. It relieved his headaches and helped with is concussion syndrome. Dr. Jason even set up some evaluations to help keep track of his progress. I truly believe he wouldn't have come this far this fast without the help of Dr. Jason. He is amazing!! The whole staff at Back In Action is wonderful! T.C. Baraboo"
  • "Migraines My son suffers from migraines. Thanks to Dr. Jason they are now few and far between. He is amazing! The staff is always willing and helpful to set up an appointment when he has a migraine. When we have an appointment Dr. Jason still manages to get a smile and a laugh from him. You guys ROCK!!! T.C. Baraboo"
  • "After only a few visits of seeing Dr. Jason my son was playing on the living room floor with his cars. He was driving to pick people up that were hurt and then taking them to Dr. Jason to fix them. B.C. Baraboo"
  • "Back-In Action-Chiro and Jason Theobald rock! If they are not your current chiropractor you need to check them out! Amazing talented professionals with compassion and understanding of your needs! Jason squeezed me in today (the day I am leaving for vacation so I can enjoy my vacation! Thank you Back In Action! J.S., Lodi"
  • "Thank You... for making my life comfortable again! I was hesitant as what to do about my leg muscle spasms until my friend found you and had his problem solved. Walking is again a pleasure for me. My leg spasms are gone; walking and moving is good. Thanks again.. I can bend over and tie my shoes again!!! L.M., Baraboo"
  • "We are so grateful for all you have done. Words cannot express how happy we are with your care! I have not had a headache in 2 months!! ...... D.H., Baraboo"
  • "Chiropractors are one of my best friends. They get to know you and your family, and treat you like a person not a number. I am very happy that I found you to take care of me and take care of my back. Thank you ....... C.S., Baraboo"
  • "This is my first pregnancy. Maybe I am blessed, but it has been great! I have no symptoms to speak of. No morning sickness, no edema, and best of all... no back pain! You can bet I'll be continuing treatments after delivery, and I will bring the newborn in to get checked out, too. Thank You!! H.T., Spring Green **Note: This patient delivered her first baby at home with a total of 5 hours of labor, and 20 minutes of pushing! We have seen the baby periodically for wellness care since he was 12 hours old. **"
  • "Previously being an adamant critic of chiropractic care and its benefits, I now have changed my mind. I have experienced much less pain in my body after adjustments from you. I am now one of your patients! Thank you for your practice!...... S.J., Baraboo"
  • "I come in with pain and leave with relief. AWESOME!! ....... W.M. Plain"
  • "From the time of my first appointment, I was impressed both with his professionalism as well as the genuine "bedside" concern he displayed. S.M., Baraboo"
  • "You are one of the best around!"
  • "He knew exactly what he was doing and helped my back and legs."
  • "The doctors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable offering great care."
  • "Your clinic is better than the others in town!"
  • "I found just what I needed!!!"

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